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Parent Involvement Committee(PIC)


What is PIC?

The Parent Involvement Committee is a formal advisory body to the school board that plays a significant role in enhancing parent involvement and supporting student achievement and well-being by being a direct link between parents, the Director of Education and the Trustees.

Our Mission Statement

Our children are a precious gift and their Catholic education is a shared responsibility.  We are committed to promoting partnerships that increase parent involvement  and foster the physical, social, emotional, spiritual and academic growth of our children that will empower and support them for a lifetime of learning that reflects the traditions and teachings of our Catholic Faith.

What are the Responsibilities of PIC?

  • identify student achievement and well-being as the main priority.
  • assist, share information with and support school councils in the parent engagement process.
  • offer advice, provide information and develop strategies and initiatives that help the Board with parent engagement.

How can you get involved?

  • Attend a PIC meeting
  • Attend events put on by PIC

Advantages of Being Involved

The evidence shows that everyone benefits when schools and families work together.

Positive results include:

  • Improved student achievement
  • Students exhibit more positive behaviour and attitudes
  • Lower absenteeism
  • Students have better social skills and adapt better to school
  • An increased confidence among parents in their child’s schooling
  • School Communities grow stronger

Research confirms that effective parental involvement has a bigger impact on student success than family income or education level.

From Kindergarten to Grade 12 students spend only 15% of their waking hours in school, emphasizing the point that parents are truly a child’s primary teacher.

How do PICS differ from school councils?

School Councils focus on an individual school and its needs, whereas PICs work closely with the board to focus on the overall goals of fostering parent engagement that supports student achievement and well-being. They work with School Councils to communicate information and provide resources and activities to help children’s learning at home and school.

To find out more about Ministry Initiatives, PIC committees in Ontario or the Parent Engagement Policy Visit the Ministry of Education Website: link

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