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Skilled Trades Sector

Construction Construction: These are trades that have to do with residential, commercial, institutional and industrial building and construction. This sector employs the most trades people and despite severe and changeable weather, construction trades people work and operate throughout the year.

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Industrial-Manufacturing Industrial/Manufacturing: Trades in the industrial sector are mainly related to the manufacturing and secondary industry. Of the four trades sectors, the industrial sector has the most variety. The industrial sector has traditionally been a significant employer within Ontario.

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Motive Power Motive Power: Trades in this sector are related to machinery that moves and/or transports people or goods. Due to the vast geography of Canada and its low population density, Canada is dependent on skilled workers to retain, build and maintain vehicles. The motive power sector is active and dynamic year round. 

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Service Service: Trades/ activities in this sector include retail, real estate, education, health, social work, communication and many others. It may involve working directly with people like child and youth workers or child development practitioners. It is a very dynamic sector that covers a wide range of skill sets and career opportunities which makes this the largest sector in Ontario's economy. 

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