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Opportunity Diploma Program (Paid COOP)

The Opportunity Diploma provides students who require a high school diploma with flexible alternatives to achieve their goal. Our highly qualified staff members work with students on identifying diploma requirements, finding co-op work placements, and determining how life experiences and previous work history may be counted as credit. We help students meet the necessary requirements so they can find success in the world of work or in post-secondary education after graduation from high school.

Principal St. Michael's Adult Catholic High School
Doug Sadler


Continuous Intake Co-operative Education & Opportunity Diploma
Tom Beale

(519) 946-3761

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Please answer the assignment questions using your word processing software. All assignments must be submitted by email.

[email protected]
[email protected]

Your Instructors will only view WORD files or PDF files. Please convert your files to WORD if you are using another word processor.

How to convert from Wordperfect to Word:

Save WordPerfect Files as A Word File First

Step 1 Choose: File / Save As
Step 2 Choose: File Type - MS WORD 2000/2002/2003 for windows
Step 3 Email the File as an attachment to your teacher

Summative Task

Cooperative Education
Final Assignment

Read the assignment below and do either Part A OR Part B. Do not do both.

Part A: Portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of materials that highlights your experiences and skills. Create a portfolio to document your co-op experience. Your portfolio must include the items listed below.

1. Title page
Include the name of your placement, your supervisor’s name, your name, your teacher’s name, and the date

2. Exit résumé
Update the résumé you created for interview by adding your co-op experience and any other new information (i.e. skills, awards, part-time job)

3. A cover letter that can be used for similar positions in the future
Re-write the cover letter you created for your interview by adding your co-op experience and the new skills you have learned
In the introductory paragraph, state the type of job you are applying for (i.e. customer service position, administrative assistant position)

4. List of references
Update the list of references you created for your interview by adding the name of your co-op supervisor (if you did not have any before, this would be your first)
Be sure to ask your co-op supervisor permission to do so

5. Pictures of work that you have done
Include at least 5 pictures that clearly show you performing duties and demonstrate the skills you have learned
For each picture include a description of what is shown
If pictures include children, you must have parental permission to use such photos.

6. Post secondary research

Describe the education/training that is required to attain your preferred career
List two schools that offer the required education/training
List the length and cost of the required education/training at one school
Describe your post secondary plan (this may or may not include a school)

7. Employer Interview
Create 6 questions you can ask your supervisor about their career experience
Some sample questions you can include are: If you could start your career over again, would you change careers? What are some of the challenges that you have faced in this career? How has this career impacted your lifestyle?
Submit a copy of each question and your supervisor’s response
Write a paragraph describing your reaction to the interview (i.e. what you learned, what surprised you)

DUE DATE: As discussed with your instructor.

Go to Integration Submission Instructions upon completion.

Cooperative Education
Final Assignment
Part B: Co-op Experience

You have three choices regarding how you can present your co-op experience:
a brochure
a webpage
PowerPoint presentation (include at least 7 slides)

Brainstorm and reflect on your growth and experiences since you began your placement. The goal is to tell others about your placement. Be creative in the way you organize your information. You must include:

where you worked (a picture of your actual placement: building, classroom, garage, shop)
photos showing your co-workers, supervisors, and yourself “at work”
the duties you performed
special equipment/tools you used
dress code at your placement
general work skills you have developed
life skills you have learned
what you enjoyed about your experience
overall opinion of your co-op experience

Be sure to identify/explain in writing the contents of the photos you include. If pictures include children, you must have parental permission to use such photos.

DUE DATE: As discussed with your instructor.

Go to Integration Submission Instructions upon completion.
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