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Take the Anti-Bullying Pledge

End Bullying!
Posted on 11/13/2020
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“Words hurt, but actions heal.”

That’s just one small, but very important phrase from the Anti-Bullying Pledge we are asking everyone in our WECDSB community to reflect upon as we prepare to recognize Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week, which begins on Sunday.

To mark the beginning of this week, we asked students throughout our schools to recite the Anti-Bullying Pledge. The result is this compilation video we put together.

By definition, bullying is repeated, persistent and aggressive behaviour that’s intended to cause fear, distress and harm to another person's body, feelings, self-esteem or reputation – and that contradicts the Gospel values essential to our Catholic faith.

So perhaps then, it is through our faith – by digging deep into our God-given well of power, love, and self control – that we can put an end to bullying by stopping it, standing up to it, and reporting it when we see it occurring.

Research has proven that bullying can be stopped over time when we respond quickly and consistently, and when we send the message that this negative behaviour is not acceptable.

November 15-21 is Bullying Prevention Awareness Week.

During this week, let’s take some time to think about what we can do to stop bullying now, and throughout the entire year.
You can start by taking the Anti-Bullying Pledge.

And here are some excellent resources on how you can spot the signs of bullying and how you can prevent it from happening.
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