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“Being involved in various activities at school my personality. I am more confident and outgoing now than before. I also made many friends who were compatible with me. The friends I made increased my social network, and gave me a good understanding of what a Canadian teenager’s life was like.”

“After my two-years of study I am leaving Villanova with improved mindset, and developed skills. Those abilities will always be with me, provide me a bigger view of the world, and help me become a better global citizen”

Wantong Li
China, 2017-2019

“Volunteering is one of the most helpful things I did in Canada; I am getting the experience socializing, it also helps me conquer my language challenges so that I can face the day confidently.”

Xiaoming Zhang
China, 2018-2019

“I have gained patience when facing problems by myself. I am glad I have undergone these changes in myself due to my time in Canada.”

“The next phase of my life is going to the university in downtown Toronto for Illustration Design.  This phase of my life will be colorful and splendid. I am looking forward to the challenge of university!”

Jingyue Luo
China, 2017-2019

“During my time in Canada, I felt that I had great achievements and changes in my personal life and studies. For me personally, I have become more independent and confident. When I first came to Canada, everything here was strange, and I was afraid of loneliness. It was my first time that I left my family to live independently. Nevertheless, through these two years of study abroad, I have not only made a lot of friends from different countries, but also integrated into the real local life of Canada.”

Yuqi Zhang
China, 2017-2019

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