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Students, staff recognized for perseverance

Exceptional Children
Posted on 05/26/2022

The Council for Exceptional Children, Chapter 125, recently presented its annual awards to graduating secondary students for their personal growth, overcoming obstacles, and demonstrating perseverance and strength, as well as to staff who go above and beyond their job descriptions to positively impact the educational experiences of exceptional students.

The following WECDSB students and staff were recognized:

Kameron Seguin - Holy Names Catholic High School

Kameron is graduating from Holy Names High School with a French certificate to accompany his diploma. Despite physical obstacles, he has been a successful and active member of the Holy Names’ family. He has an excellent attitude, and is full of school spirit. Kameron completed a co-op placement at the University of Windsor radio station and has been the voice of Knights radio. He has held a leadership role at Holy Names. Moving forward, he hopes to attend St. Clair College in the area of journalism.  

Carter Carlsen - Catholic Central High School

Carter, a Catholic Central student, is described as a hard working, and dedicated student with a positive attitude. Despite his developmental disability, Carter has had a successful journey at Catholic Central. He completed several successful co-op placements in the community and has also volunteered with the school store, and maintained the school sign. After leaving Catholic Central, Carter plans to be a part of Community Living’s Work For All Program.  

Jasmine Ankamah - F.J. Brennan Catholic High School

Jasmine is described as an extremely social young lady, drawing a smile from everyone she meets. Overcoming the challenges of her intellectual disability, Jasmine has been very successful in co-op placements, at Canadian Tire, and Ten Friends Diner. She has been an active member of Best Buddies, and a Special Education Representative for the Student Advisory Council this year. Jasmine plans to join the workforce after she leaves Brennan.

Jaden Youssef - St. Anne Catholic High School

Jaden is described as an energetic, happy young man who has worked hard despite personal challenges. He loves music and dance, and has been actively involved in the Arts program through integrated classes at St. Anne Catholic High School, participating  in Cafe Musique, the Talent Show, and Dance Showcase at school.  He is an active member of Best Buddies, and has seen success working both in the school store, and at co-op at Sobeys. Jaden’s goal is to gain employment in the community.

Lisa Mosca - Immaculate Conception Catholic Elementary School

Lisa has been an LSST teacher at Immaculate Conception elementary for the past 16 years.  She works tirelessly for students with exceptional needs.  She is described as an organizer, facilitator, advocate, cheerleader, caregiver, educator, team leader, effective communicator, and team player. She is faithful in her role as educator and goes above and beyond to demonstrate an effort to enhance the lives of all students.  

Jaime Martens - WECDSB

Jamie began working at the WECDSB as an sign language interpreter, and since has worked in many elementary and secondary schools as a sign language interpreter and educational intervenor. She is an excellent collaborator and a lifelong learner, always willing to converse with paraprofessionals to adjust the total communication approach. She is a team player and is an essential member of the school community, who advocates for the needs of all students. 

Tracey Davison - Cardinal Carter Catholic Secondary School

Tracey was first employed as an Educational Assistant in 1988 for the Essex Catholic School Board, and joined the WECDSB upon amalgamation. She was the first Educational Assistant at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Elementary School, working with one of the first students with special needs integrated into the school system. Tracey has worked in both elementary and secondary schools, devoting her entire career to students with special needs. She spent the majority of her career at Cardinal Carter Secondary School, where she was an integral part of the school community.  Tracey retired in October 2021, after devoting her career to students with exceptional needs.  

Monique Coughlin - WECDSB

Monique has worked with the WECDSB for 35 years in many roles, including Educational Assistant, Child and Youth Worker, a part of the Getting Along Digitally team, System Support, and currently a Program Specialist. Monique is respected throughout the board for her knowledge and dedication to students. She believes in a child focused approach and strives to create positive learning environments for all learners. Monique embodies what it means to be a team player, who advocates for children with exceptionalities.
Photos below are:
Top Row (left to right): Carter Carlsen, Jaden Youssef, Jaime Martens Middle Row (left to right): Jasmine Ankamah, Kameron Seguin, Lisa Mosca Bottom Row: Monique Coughlin and Tracey Davison

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