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Parents must declare learning mode for September

Parent Declaration
Posted on 05/28/2021

The WECDSB has established its learning models for the 2021-22 school year and will require ALL parents to declare which learning mode they are choosing for their children by 6:00pm on Friday, June 4.

Based on the information from the Ministry of Education, parents of students in grades JK-8 will be offered two modes of learning: in-person and virtual. These models may change depending on shifting protocols based on COVID-19 circumstances which may arise throughout the school year.

For elementary students, parents will be required to declare which learning mode they are choosing for the entire 2021-22 school year.

For secondary students, parents will be required to declare which learning mode they are choosing for the 2021-22 school year. Students who enroll in virtual learning will have the option to move from virtual learning to in-person learning for the start of semester two, February 3, 2022.  In-person learners will not have the option to switch to virtual learning.

Here’s a summary of what the 2021-22 school year will include:

Students from JK- Grade 6 will have the option of learning in-person or virtually. Those students who attend virtually will be grouped together in classes on a family of schools/regional basis, rather than being placed in a separate virtual school. Every attempt will be made to keep elementary students attached to their region or family of schools. Family of Schools are schools grouped in a specific geographic area/region such as South Windsor schools. 

Students from Grades 7-8 will have the option of learning in-person or virtually in a hybrid model. A hybrid model means that students who are learning virtually will log into their Google Classroom at their normally assigned times and will be taught synchronously via webcam at the same time as those students who are learning in-person. The WECDSB will attempt to assign virtual students in the hybrid model to classes with students from their home schools or family of schools.

Elementary students with complex special education learning needs will have the option to attend school in-person or virtually. The virtual model will correspond to their respective grade level as outlined above. 

Students from Grades 9-12 will have the option of attending in-person or virtually in a hybrid  model. We will be returning to a traditional four-course semester model, but with only two periods a day. Each day will consist of two 150-minute periods with a 40-minute lunch in between the two periods. Students will attend periods 1 and 2 in week one, followed by periods 3 and 4 in week two. Regular bell times will be followed. This alternating week schedule will be in effect for the entire first semester. 

All students attending in-person will be placed in either Cohort A or B and will learn together all semester. Students attending virtually in a hybrid model (Cohort D) will follow the same schedule as those students attending in-person.

Secondary Bell Times and Schedule (based on a full day alternating week schedule) 

Sample School Bell Times:  8:15 am start; 2:15pm dismissal

Week 1 Week 2

Period 1 - 150 min

Period 3 - 150 min

Lunch - 40 min

Lunch - 40 min 

Period 2 - 150 min

Period 4 - 150 min

Secondary students with complex special education learning needs (Cohort C)

Secondary Principals will contact individual parents with regards to programming options for students with complex special education learning needs. 

Some factors to consider when choosing virtual learning:
Who It's For:

  • Independent learners (those requiring minimal assistance from an adult other than logging on and submission of work)
  • Students who can maintain a routine and schedule, including arriving to class on time
  • Students who are self-motivated and who can work independently
  • Students who have access to an appropriate computing device and the internet

Who It’s NOT Recommended For:

  • All French Immersion students
  • All English Language Learners (ESL Support)
  • Students with complex learning needs who are best supported in our schools
  • Students with attendance concerns
  • Students who have difficulty completing tasks and working independently
  • Students who do not excel at online learning and using technology

The WECDSB respects all parents' decisions, but fully endorses in-person learning as the preferred option for our students, especially now that the COVID-19 vaccine is available for students aged 12-17.

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