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Maria Buglisi

Meet Maria Buglisi - St. Joseph's Catholic High School
Posted on 10/30/2017
Meet Maria Buglisi

My School

I am lucky to be able to call St. Joseph's High School my second home. Having went to one of the feeder schools for St. Joseph's, I always knew I would go to this school. Luckily for me, St. Joseph's has been a welcoming and loving environment since my first day here, and has given me endless opportunities to pursue my passions and get involved with my school and community. No doubt, I am proud to be a Laser, and so are many when it comes to academics, teams, and sports, but especially the Zakoor Cup. Our spirit, as a school community, is what keeps our school lively, welcoming, but helps us to stick to our motto, "Respect, Responsibilities, and Relationships".

Making a Positive Difference

To make a true difference, I find that dedication and passion are key ingredients. As a leader of St. Joe's, and in my community, I try to demonstrate my passion in everything I do. This includes Concert Band, Student Council, Blood Committee, tutoring younger students, volunteering at the hospital, and working at Tim Hortons, while focusing greatly on my academics. I live by the statement, "You don't need a reason to help people". By performing random acts of kindness, we have the power to cheer someone up, or give them courage, which is an act that I strive, and encourage others, to partake in as often as they can. I lead my life with a positive mindset, with hopes to encourage others to do the same. Activities, such as Student Council, has given me the opportunity to share my positivity with others around the school, and help organize events, such as our Canada 150 Birthday bash, Semi Formal, school-wide activities, and much more.

My Biggest Challenge

I'd have to say that my biggest challenge right now is balancing all of my extracurricular, work, volunteering, and school, while maintaining time for myself, family and friends. Having something you have to do does make the day go by quicker, but also fills up your calendar. I love being involved with my community, and school, but I've learned that taking breaks for myself make it easier.

My Accomplishments

I have been extremely lucky when it comes to some of my accomplishments. This includes my accomplishment of having spent 3 months abroad in France, where I lived and learned of the French language and culture first-hand. Because of this accomplishment, I am also able to say that I can speak in 3 languages, including French, and Spanish. I have also been able to earn the position of Minister of Finances on my school's Student Council, where I can use my skills to help my school. Finally, while partaking in many extracurricular, volunteering, and working, I have been able to maintain a 93% + average throughout all of my subjects.

The person that influenced me most

When I think of the person that has influenced me the most, I automatically think of my grade 9 French teacher, Mme. Lage. I grew up in a home that spoke in both English and Spanish, meaning I was already exposed to the gift of languages. Prior to grade 9, I really had no major desires to pursue French studies, but Mme. Lage saw my potential. She encouraged me to continue with my French, and even mentioned the idea of an exchange to France. I fell in love with the idea, and spent 3 months abroad learning French and meeting new people. Because of her continued help and compassion, I have developed a profound love for the language, and its culture, and will be continuing my studies into university, with hopes to carry these skills into my future career. She provided me with a skill that many do not have the chance to use, and has influenced my life tremendously.


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