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Anthony Luong

Meet Anthony Luong - Catholic Central High School
Posted on 03/06/2017
Meet Anthony Luong

My School

Catholic Central High School is a diverse environment where students from all around the world come together to learn. Everyone has their own personal talents to assist others in their success. This allows everyone in the school to learn different skills and become motivated to learn and try new things. Catholic Central is a welcoming environment which focuses on the similarities that bind us together, instead of what makes us different. A day at Catholic Central can remind us that the world is in fact, a small place. Though we come from various ethnicities, we treat each other as valuable members of one shared community. It doesn't matter where a student comes from because at this school, students are accepted for who they are. Even though I am Vietnamese, I feel as though I am a part of a really large family when I come to Catholic Central.

Making a Positive Difference

As a leader at Catholic Central, I do what I can to positively influence my fellow peers. This is done through Student Council, community service work, and my strong dedication to academics. I try to live my life with the idea that "I am greater than myself." I am not only creating a reputation for myself, but also my family name and the school I attend. All of my actions depict the person I am, and the person I wish to become. Everything that I do is for the greater good and to push myself forward into becoming a better person. With this mindset, I hope my actions motivate my peers, and other individuals, to become better versions of themselves as well.

My Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge was losing my father at a young age. My father passed away during my grade ten year at Catholic Central. This was, and continues to be, the most difficult struggle of my life. He had a family first mentality, and always put his family's happiness before his own. Making us happy was making him happy and that is something I will always remember him for. This is tough because it is not an obstacle you can easily overcome, the challenge is forever on-going. This struggle will continue to live with me until the day I stand by him. As of now, I continue to strive for success to become half the man my father was.

My Accomplishments

While at Catholic Central some of my proudest accomplishments are being on the Honour Roll every semester, and also achieving proficiency status during both of my semesters of grade eleven. One thing I particularly enjoy is being on Student Council. It is an honour to be voted into such a position by the people around me. I feel this is a great way for a student such as myself, to be able to make a direct contribution to my school community. I enjoyed being able to go to my former elementary school, Immaculate Conception and promoting the wonderful things about Catholic Central. I felt proud to represent Catholic Central and brag about what we have to offer.

The person that influenced me most

The person that influenced me the most is my mother. Throughout all the hardships of my family's life, my mother stood strong and continued to provide for my sister Tammy and I. My mother is my rock. She puts her family before anything else. If we needed anything she will be there in a second. I have been taught my entire life that if I want something, the only person stopping me from achieving my goal is myself. My mom lives this sentiment as she continually jumps over numerous obstacles in order to provide Tammy and I everything we need and more. That is why no matter how hard the task may be, how difficult the struggle is, I will overcome anything in my path to achieve my goal in making my mom and dad proud of me.

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