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The Construction Academy is a unique program that provides students with apprenticeship and employment opportunities in the construction industry while providing employers with a new source of workers to address skills shortages. Participating students are given the opportunity to start their apprenticeship while in high school through the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) and gain real on the job experience. This two year program is available to all WECDSB students but delivered at three WECDSB schools: F. J. Brennan Catholic High School (Masonry), Catholic Central High School (Electrical) and St. Joseph’s Catholic High School (Carpentry & Plumbing).

Why choose a career path in Construction?

  • You can take pride in the work you do and see the results every day
  • You can be part of a vibrant community that continually impacts the Canadian way of life
  • There are many ways to build a long and rewarding career
  • You can become a supervisor, get into planning or management … even start you own business
  • There are dozens of careers to choose from and four construction sectors, that means limitless opportunities to advance and plenty of chances to travel across Canada and around the world
  • You have the chance to work with Canada’s top construction professionals
  • Whether you’re a skilled construction worker or manager you can earn up
    to six figures annually

Who Should Apply?

Grade 10 students interested in pursuing a career pathway in the construction industry with particular interest in apprenticeship and employment opportunities. Student wishing to pursue SHSM certification in Construction should also apply. 

Eligibility You must have:

  • 14 credits before 1st semester of Grade 11
  • You must be 16 years of age before February 1, 2021
  • You must have a Social Insurance Number bu February 2021

Program Overview

This program incorporates a combination of learning experiences including: in school Construction Technology credits, Dual Credits, Co-op credits, and an accelerated OYAP component with two (2) focus streams, namely: Carpentry and Masonry. An opportunity to expedite a student's apprenticeship journey will be achieved by offering a Level 1 apprenticeship (Basic Level) in-school curriculum for the trades of: Brick and Stone Mason and General Carpenter. The program will be delivered at two (2) WECDSB high schools: F. J. Brennan CHS (Masonry) and S t. Joseph's CHS (Carpentry) but is open to all WECDSB students.

Technology Credits

Carpentry Focus

Year 1: TCJ3C Construction Engineering Technology & TCC3E Construction Technology Carpentry

Year 2: TCJ4C Construction Technology Carpentry  & (TCC4E Construction Technology Carpentry or MAP-4C Foundations for College Mathematics)

Masonry Focus

Year 1: TCM3E Construction Technology Masonry & TCJ3C Construction Engineering Technology & TCC3E Construction Technology Carpentry

Year 2: TCM4E Construction Technology Masonry & TDJ40 Technological Design

St. Clair College

Carpentry Focus

Level 1 Carpentry delivered in Grade 11 Semester 1 and Grade 12 Semester 1 at St. Joseph Catholic High School

PC CAD Level 1 (45 hours)
WLD208 Basic Welding Process & Fabricating (45 hours) 

Taken one day per week for 15 weeks

Sem 1 & 2 in Grade 11

Transportation to and from St. Joseph Catholic High School to St. Clair College is provided.

Masonry Focus

Year 1:Masonry Tools & Equipment (19 school days at 5 hours per day) for the month of February at the former St. Anne Catholic High School site (located at 12050 Arbour St).
MASO1320: Masonry Theory (80 hours)

Year 2: OZK4T Level 1 Apprenticeship: Brick and Stone Mason (320 hours, 2 credit value) taken November, December and January 

Transportation to and from F.J. Brennan Catholic High School is provided.


Carpentry Focus

Year 1:  February to June : full day 4 days per week (min 440 hours) 
Summer: Paid Co-op 2 credits and up to 220 hours

Year 2: February to June : full day 4 days per week (min 440 hours)

Masonry Focus

Year 1: April, May, June: 5 days / week (4 credits, min 440 hours)
Summer: Paid Co-op for 2 credits and up to 220 hours(Optional)

Year 2: Sept to November full day Mon - Fri (3 credits, min 330 hours)


  • Enhance knowledge and skills learned in school
  • Develop transferable and trade-specific skills to improve qualifications for future employment
  • Earn secondary school credits while gaining practical experience
  • Obtain employment references
  • May gain part-time, full-time or apprenticeship employment
  • Career in the construction industry provides: good income, technology, career advancement, variety opportunities and challenge, the chance to create something that lasts and is useful, the chance to work on a team – then choose a career in the construction industry
  • Start your apprenticeship early; save $500 in tuition costs and expedite becoming a certified journey person in the trade
  • Free industry recognized certifications

Industry and Community Partners

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Windsor Essex Home Builders' AssociationExternal link
Windsor Construction AssociationExternal link
Habitat for HumanityExternal link
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Ontario Youth Apprenticeship ProgramExternal link
Workforce Windsor EssexExternal link


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