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Q. Must my son/daughter be a student in the Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board in order to participate in the before school programs (e.g. Future Saints basketball program)?
YES. If your son or daughter wishes to attend one of our 38 Academies across our 13 sites they must be a student of the
WECDSB. They may transfer to the nearest WECDSB school in order to participate in the Academies. Please contact your
nearest WECDSB school.

Q. What is a “Shared Student”?
The philosophy of the WECDSB is that all students can and should be able to enjoy all of the offerings in the school board:
“Any student in WECDSB has the opportunity to attend an Academy of their choice. They will spend one half the day (either
during the morning or afternoon) at the Academy school for their sport specific class and a subject based class. Then during
lunch, they will transition back to their HOME school for their subject specific afternoon classes. They will then be able to
participate in ALL activities at their respective Home School.”

Q. How will my son or daughter get to and from their respective Academy?
Transportation for each Academy is always contingent upon the availability of bus services in conjunction with the number of registrations in each Academy.

Q. How does my son/daughter's participation in a WECDSB Academy affect their academic day and success?
This is a two part answer:
a) We know that our Academy students attendance rates and credit accumulation rates are higher than most other
b) No student will have any disruption to their daily academic instruction nor will they miss out on any academic strategy
which the school board implements or initiates.

Q. Will being part of an Academy affect the ability of my son/daughter to participate on his or her school teams?
Your son or daughter will be able to participate in the activities at their respective home school as long as the athletic rules of eligibility are followed. IF the student has transferred from another school, in order to participate in the sport of their choice they must follow and abide by the OFSAA (WECSSAA) transfer rules of eligibility.
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Q. What about attending field trips at school?
No Academy student misses out on significant curricular, co-curricular, or extra-curricular events if they attend an academy.
(i.e. Muskoka Woods, Graduation, School teams)

Q. IEP’s?
The Academies are a welcoming inclusive school experience. We follow all Ministry of Education guidelines and WECDSB policy as they pertain to IEP’s.

Q. Does the level of ability of my son/daughter determine their eligibility for the Academy programs?
Our Academy philosophy is based upon skill development. Each skills expert and teacher will design the training program to fit the needs and abilities of each individual student. Our goal is always for the student to reach higher and exceed their own

Q. How do I register with an Academy?
To register for our Academy complete the google form on our website. You may access the website at This is first step is to ensure a spot in the Academy. The second step is to contact your home school and register on the option sheet.

Q. Is there a cost for my son/daughter to attend an Academy?
Each Academy has a cost involved. This cost covers the general program costs (i.e. skills experts, rental of facilities).

Q. What if I think of questions after this presentation?
On the front of the postcard there is phone number (519) 946-0830 for the Sport Academies office) and the website
( in which you can access all information

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