“ Mother Lifting Up Her Child”

Dimensions: 4 ft X 4 ft
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Artists: Grade 8 students from Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School
Classroom Teacher: C. Barrette-Miller
Artist: E. Carr
Location: Boardroom, CEC Building

First in a series of two mandala paintings
"What we need to be healthy and strong"


Students studied the UN Charter on the Rights of the Child. Afterwards they engaged in a process to generate a common list of their ideas. They arrived at ten general areas of concern...
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The students divided into two groups according to skill and compatibility. Two group leaders were selected and the group decided how they wanted to illustrate their concern...
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Student Artists:
S. Isherwood, M. Arseneault, C. Dziedzic, D. Smolik, R.l Pickett, J. Stanciu,
J. Hotchkiss, P. Punzalan, K. Cole, L. Carriere, D. Ladouceur

close-up of pizza close-up of archery close-up of the center image close-up of the friut