“ This is where we live”

Installation Boxes

Mixed Media Installation

wooden boxes, metals, fabric, acrylic paint
17 boxes

St. Thomas of Villanova High School

Classroom Teacher: L. Bastien

Artist: E. Carr

Catholic Education Centre hallways,
Windsor, Ontario, Canada


[NOTE: not all installation boxes are on display at the CEC... some were displayed in St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic Secondary School]

concept of the project

process involved

on-site installation view

J. St. Pierre Hicks - Monarch Butterfly Migration
M. Brockman - Our Foundation in God
L. DiVito - Essex County Marshes
Amber Gyori - Forested Areas
A. Chauvin - Point Pelee
R. Rocheleau - Water Interiors, Detroit river
D. Ujevic - Fishing (funky fish)
D. Mancini - Interior of Assembly Plant
J. De Marco - Golf
C. Spada - Hockey
A. Beaudion - Surreal Farm
A. Doherty - River Canard Bridge
E. Hamel- Nest
A. L. Kavanagh , The Mall
S. Santarrosa , Tomatoes
P. Marier, Industry
C. Roehler, Houses

click on on box to see a larger view.

E. Carr,

L. Bastien,


These boxes are on display at St. Thomas of Villanova Catholic Secondary School.