“And God saw it was good…very good”

hands & giraffe - clay
hint...click on the parts of the mural to explore them in more detail

Size: 17ft X 7.5ft, 300 pieces
Medium: red and gray clay, glazes and copper
Artists: Catholic Central High School, Windsor
Classroom Teacher: J. Owchar
Artist: E. Carr
Location: Main Hallway, CEC Building


This work is about the creation of Earth and the living creatures on and surrounding the planet. In the process, we examined the variety of life on the planet and students selected one or more species with which to work... [more]


The clay mural consists of ----pieces of clay individually created by students in grades 10, 11 and 12 at Catholic Central High School in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. The theme chosen for the work was “Creation”. Students made pieces representing different elements in nature... [more]

moose - clay pelican - clay cell & leaves - clay under the sea - clay in the forest - clay parade of animals - clay hands & giraffe - clay closeup of birds closeup of fish closeup of hawk closeup of the turtle discover the mouse!