clay mural project Essex County Installation Boxes Madala Paintings - A Freedom and Justice Prints Madala Paintings - B Expedition Africa Photography Exhibition

Public Art at The Catholic Education Centre, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

This project is based on the concept that creating art can be inclusive and reflect the community from which it emerges. It is committed to reflecting the diverse ideas and concerns of the children and youth in the education community of the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board. Because students are aware of social concerns and passionate about issues of freedom, the creative process itself is very important and is a key part of the project. The intention is to reflect the values and vision of the students in the final works. They are part of a permanent collection at the Centre. Elaine Carr, Artist in Residence for the Public Art Project, directs the work.

The idea for a Public Art Project at the CEC was conceived by Elaine Carr and supported by Senior Administration and Trustees of the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board.

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