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St. Anthony first school in Essex to participate in OneWater program
Essex Free Press
May 11, 2017
by Sylene Argent

Last Wednesday, representatives of the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) hosted
an appreciation ceremony with the grade seven and eight students and staff of St.
Anthony Catholic Elementary School in Harrow. The event included the presentation of
a participation plaque to recognize the school as being the first within the Municipality of
Essex to participate in the OneWater educational program.

For the past few years, OCWA has connected with students from across Ontario
through the OneWater Education Program. The program was designed to strengthen
and formalize OCWA’s commitment to water literacy.
The program offers a teacher’s guide that provides a series of questions and activities
focused on water, a classroom visit from an OCWA operator, and a leave-behind
activity book from which students can continue to extend their knowledge of water.

Robin Trepanier, a local water/wastewater operator, was involved in delivering the
OneWater program to the grade seven and eight classes at St. Anthony in the fall. She
added that the program is curriculum-based.
“The program goes into the community and teaches the kids where water comes from
and where it goes,” she explained.
Upon presenting the students with a plaque, Trepanier said, “I hope all of you have
become better water-stewards since my visit.” She added that there are careers and
potential co-op placements in this field the students could consider as they define their
future career paths.

OCWA is a provincial agency that operates and maintains over 800 municipal water and
wastewater treatment facilities.
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