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Mudpuppy’s featured artist for May is Grade 9 Villanova student
Rivertown Times
By Danica Skakavac
May 10, 2017
At only fifteen-years-old and in the ninth grade, Madison Young of St. Thomas of
Villanova has made quite a name for herself.
While she has loved art since the age of four, Young has been interested in her current
style, hyperrealism, for only one and a half years. Despite the short period of time,
Young’s skill has only grown dramatically and her wonderful artwork is being
showcased again and again. She has been featured in a couple of local magazines,
attended a couple of charities where she donated original artwork for auction and, as
well, was the Mudpuppy Gallery’s student artist.
This month, she became the gallery’s featured artist. Only recently has she been
spotlighted in a much different way; when local musician Christian Vegh’s mother
contacted Young’s mother, Sharon, about designing the cover art for his brand-new
single, “Worthy.”

Madison Young, a Grade 9 student at St. Thomas of Villanova Secondary School, is this
month’s featured artist at the Mudpuppy Gallery in Amherstburg. (RTT Photo by Danica
Young jumped at the opportunity and designed a stunning cover, the picture a very
realistic pair of diamond-encrusted lips.
“It was an exciting opportunity and I’m very fortunate they asked me,” Young said.
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