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Students at St. Joseph School get a look at prospective careers
Rivertown Times
By Ron Giofu
May 10, 2017

Students at St. Joseph School got a chance to investigate and hear about careers they
might want to pursue during Catholic Education Week.

Career Exploration Day was held at the River Canard school last Tuesday and featured
guest speakers from around the community including Amherstburg police constables
Kim Rathbone and Steve Owen, BMO Amherstburg branch manager Karen Davidson,
Dr. Sophia Thomas, dentist Dr. Sandra Frederick and Capt. Randy Wismer from the
Amherstburg Fire Department.

“We’re celebrating Catholic Education Week, the theme of which is ‘Walking Forward
Together,’” explained principal Linda DiPasquale.

The Career Exploration Day was part of that week and DiPasquale said that Grade 5
and 6 students studied what careers they might like to pursue and did projects on it.
They displayed those projects in the school computer lab and some students even
dressed like the careers they may pursue, including some students dressed as doctors,
police officers or actors.

Other classes were invited to come down and ask questions, DiPasquale added, as
were parents and grandparents.

Adina Abey and Marina White had an exhibit about becoming a doctor. Abey said they
both like helping people with White noting becoming a pediatrician is of specific interest.

Abey said learning about how the human body works was interesting with White adding
the pay isn’t bad either, quoting figures of $60,000 to $200,000 annually.
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