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Canned food drive leads to burning rubber

Rivertown Times
October 13th, 2015 @ 5:00 pm

A wide selection of sports cars prepare to leave St. Joseph School last Wednesday afternoon.
Raffle winners at the school got a chance to ride in one of the sports cars. The raffle was tied into
a canned food drive held at the River Canard school.
By Ron Giofu
It started with a plea for cans and ended with a schoolyard filled with muscle cars.
A canned food drive at St. Joseph School concluded last week with a select group of students
getting to ride in muscle cars. Brands of cars that students got to ride in were Porsche,
Lamborghini, Ferrari, among others.
Grade 5 teacher Rene Bujold said the students raised 2,500 cans and non-perishable items with
the theme of the can drive being “Fight Hunger with Muscle.” For every ten cans a student
raised, they received a ticket to go into a draw for a ride in the muscle car.
In all, 22 students were lucky enough to go for a ride.
“I involved all the people I knew with muscle cars and some I didn’t know,” said Bujold.
Bujold commented that he even stopped people in traffic to ask if they would be part of the
second annual event. Some were from neighbouring St. Joseph Church but others were from
around the area.
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